My VDR page

Here's some random details and notes on my VDR setup.
Hardware: The linux drivers for the Origen VFD can be found at IrTrans. I've also made a gentoo ebuild, email me if interested. The irserver also works for the IR receiver, replacing lircd. The IR side is using a USB-to-serial converter, kernel detects it as "FT232BM". The LCD is also driven via the irserver. IrTrans provides a version of the lcdproc that works.

TV output is done with xinelibout plugin using DirectFB. My xine configuration file is here. Place it in /var/vdr/.xine/.

Streamdev Zeroconf

This is a small patch that adds Zeroconf advertising support to the streamdev VDR plugin. Each HTTP stream is advertised as a Web site, type _http._tcp. Tested with KDE zeroconf:/ ioslave.
Requires the avahi-client libraries to be installed. After applying the patch, either run make AVAHI=1 or edit the Makefile accordingly.

The functionality is quite limited. The current version just advertises 5 first channels.

Last updated: 28.08.2006 10:00 jkyro (at)